is an Estonian capital based company

Our principal activity

is sales and maintenance of boiler plant equipment

Our product selection

includes boilers, multicyclones, pen feeders, transporters

We have been operating

in the market since 2006



Our mission is to be a flexible, reliable supplier of effective energy system solutions, open to innovations and new solutions. It is important for us to ensure development opportunities for our team, our customers and cooperation partners through sustainable development.



In 2021, Wentelax OÜ envisages our company as an efficient, transport-oriented production company, achieving the reputation of a flexible international company of a high corporate culture that offers high-quality, functioning solutions in our target groups.

The company’s vision will be realized based on the company’s main values:

-              We value our employees, cooperation partners and customers;

-              We offer the best service and highest flexibility in the sector;

-              High-quality production forms a basis for our strong, long-term competitiveness;

-              We are open to innovations in planning and in our activities.


Our principal activity

The principal activity of Wentelax OÜ is manufacturing, designing, installing and repairing the following:

ü  Thermal energy equipment

ü  Installation of power generation equipment

ü  Heating systems

ü  Heating lines and assemblies

ü  Automation and electricity systems

ü  Wood-drying kilns

ü  Various metal products

ü  Pneumatic sawdust systems


Our product selection:

ü  Boilers and accessory equipment

ü  Various flue gas treatment plants

ü  Ventilators

ü  Screw and chain transporters

ü  Pen feeders

ü  Sawdust and grain bunkers

ü  Equipment for wood-drying kilns

ü  Automation switchboards and programmes


In the market

We have been operating in the market since 2006, but our employees have been involved in this field of activity since 1962.

We have representatives in several European countries and we represent some manufacturers in the Nordic countries.

Our production is mainly used in the industrial sector, in settlements and town.